BACK Rebrands as Tibrio to Focus on Digital Advertising Services

Tibrio’s powerful performance marketing tools deliver highest quality data to digital marketers and advertisers

NEW YORK – July 26, 2018 – LLC, parent to some of the largest online destinations for consumers interested in special deals and savings, today announced their rebrand as the business-to-business brand Tibrio. The restructuring of the company’s branding will focus on the value of its data generation platform, which provides vital services for digital marketers and advertisers who require first-party, high quality data to better engage with their consumer audiences. Additionally, Tibrio has established new corporate headquarters in New York City and has already begun recruitment and hiring of world-class sales, marketing and development teams.

“Our customers are brands, digital marketers and advertisers who display offers to highly specific subsets of potential customers based on almost any targeting criteria imaginable. With the permissions-based user acquisition and question-based targeting technology developed by Tibrio, advertisers can focus on what matters most to them: performance,” explained Josh Ogle, founder and chief executive officer of Tibrio. “Our goal with this exercise is to simplify and clarify the company’s value proposition to our customers. The business-facing brand of Tibrio is a major step in establishing the back-end performance marketing services and solutions arm of the company.”

Reaching the right consumers is often time-consuming, expensive and inaccurate. Marketers in search of interested consumers must deal with middlemen who add additional cost and complexity at each step. Also, the data that these disparate sources collect about consumers tends to be inaccurate and low scale. However, data is the digital marketer’s most important tool, providing the insight needed to tailor advertising campaigns that will maximize engagement among target audiences and achieve the best return on investment (ROI) for advertising campaigns.

Tibrio solves this challenge for marketers through its network of consumer-facing properties, where consumers opt in and agree to share information in exchange for special deals, free samples, coupons and retailer discounts. The data generated by Tibrio is collected upon registration and delivered to advertisers through the Tibrio platform, empowering advertisers and marketers to build high-impact campaigns based on user attributes that matter most to them.

“Most performance-based marketing companies lack one of two things: quality or quantity. Tibrio is unique because the first-party data generation model allows them to deliver both quality and quantity of information,” said Jay Hofstatter, chief executive officer of The Daily Sale. “We’re looking forward to what this unified brand strategy means for us and other digital advertising companies who want to build loyalty with consumers by engaging them with the right offer at the right time.”

As part of the unification, Ogle has established Tibrio’s corporate headquarters in New York City and will continue recruitment and team-building in this new location. The company will also continue its operations in San Diego.

“Tibrio has always focused on bringing our customers the best quality data, and while we’ve had solid growth in the past, we plan to scale even more across new verticals and demographics,” Ogle said. “Our goal is to continue to grow our employee base to meet increasing customer demand.”

About Tibrio

Tibrio connects targeted consumer data with brands looking to acquire customers with certain pre-qualifying criteria. Through its network of consumer-facing properties, Tibrio’s proprietary, state-of-the-art technology dynamically asks consumers questions as they interact with engaging content. Consumers opt in to share their personal information in exchange for special deals and savings from retailers. Tibrio’s technology surfaces valuable, comprehensive data points for advertisers and digital marketers that are not available from any other source, increasing ROI in targeted advertising. For more information, visit


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