Connecting targeted consumer data with your business

Tibrio gives advertisers access to first-party audiences, enabling scalable, high ROI targeted ad campaigns.


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Data tells the story of a user’s journey through Tibrio’s properties.

Tibrio’s media team draws massive audiences to and When users arrive, Tibrio’s question-based technology customizes users’ journeys with over 6 billion possible question combinations. Detailed user data is captured on a person-by-person basis from Tibrio’s constantly-refreshed flow of consumers.

Want to target married Alaskan Iñupiat peoples 30-35 years old?
Tibrio can help.

Tibrio takes person-based marketing to the next level by offering advertisers scalable, custom audiences tailored to their exact specifications. Precision, expandible targeting puts the focus on advertiser ROI.

Tibrio's properties focus on user experience
and advertiser performance.

Samples is a subscription-based property offering access to premium content, samples, offers, and news on deals. is the largest aggregator of savings, deals and coupons on the web.

Tibrio's team works with clients to build a targeting strategy that will put their brands in front of target segments, no matter what vertical they are in.

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