Data tells the story of a user’s journey through Tibrio’s properties.

Tibrio’s media team draws massive audiences to GetItFree.us. When users arrive, Tibrio’s question-based technology customizes users’ journeys with over 6 billion possible question combinations. Detailed user data is captured on a person-by-person basis from Tibrio’s constantly refreshed flow of consumers.

150+ Advertisers

Our advertisers recognize the value of meeting new users through tailored experiences.

100k Daily Registrations

Our users love to interact with our properties and benefit from offers from our partners.

800k Daily Conversions

We have created a symbiotic user experience that connects our users with brands they love.

Tibrio's team works with clients to build a targeting strategy that will put their brands in front of target segments, no matter what vertical they are in.

Contact us at bd@tibrio.com to get started.