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Hundreds of thousands of users register each day, providing detailed data points that allow advertisers to match appealing offers with motivated consumers.

Tibrio's Flagship Properties


Samples.com offers registered users a curated selection of interest-targeted samples, deals, coupons, articles, and sweepstakes. A paid tier of service provides motivated consumers with better samples, a suite of tools to help them save money in their daily lives, and increased functionality throughout the site.

Advertisers engage with consumers via targeted placements that integrate seamlessly into the site experience.

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Getitfree.us is the largest online destination for consumers interested in freebies, deals, and savings-related content.

Tibrio attracts consumers to GetItFree through its expansive media campaigns, capturing hundreds of thousands of daily registrations. Each user’s experience is unique, a journey through 6 billion possible question combinations powered by Tibrio’s intelligent survey technology.

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